How do I review homework of my students?

Once teachers have created a class, they can review homework and start interactive games with their students.

To review homework, open a book from your class. Make sure to open the book from the class book list! The class book list shows students’ books. These books can be used to interact with the whole class.

Once you’ve opened a book from the class book list, press the "review homework" button in the upper left corner of your book viewer:


In the next screen you can choose which student's homework you want to review. You can also choose the option “Random”. In that case, it’s a surprise who you’re going to review. If you project your Schooltas on a larger screen for the class, the random option guarantees a playful and interactive class experience. Because who wants to be reviewed in public?

When you’ve chosen a student, the book viewer will show the edited book of that specific student. You can recognize the review mode by the blue bar at the top of the book viewer. You’ll also see which student you are reviewing in the area “Homework of…”.

In the review mode, you can give feedback by writing or drawing on the students’ book. Your drawing colors are green and red. Unlike the regular text mode, the teacher’s review texts are green instead of blue.

If you want to access the most up-to-date version of the student’s book, you can tap on the refresh button in the top right corner:

To exit the review mode, simply press the “done” button.


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